I’m overweight, bordering on obese. And this is relevant. I don’t state “uncomfortable” facts just for fun, drama and pizazz. Well, maybe.

The thing about being obese is that everyone has an opinion. Frankly, just substitute “obese” with “a woman” and that statement still rings true. But the most critical people I meet are oddly, women. I don’t believe they are being malicious, maybe some of them are. But that’s how we have been wired.

If I’m eating something: “Look at her devouring that pizza. That’s why she’s so fat!”

If I decline to eat something: “OMG, are you on a diet? You’re dieting now, wow.”

Yes, I’m fat and yes, I’m decimating a pizza. I’m a wreck, sure. if you’re so offended, don’t look at it.

No, I’m not eating the namkeen you offered. No, I’m not on a diet. I just don’t like the look of it. I get to decide what I put in my body. And yes, I’d rather have a pizza.


This post seems like a love letter to pizza, doesn’t it?

Okay, things got away from me there.

I know I should do all the things you suggest. I know that I’m living an unhealthy life and that being obese is not ideal. Some of you are friends and you have the right to tell me so because I have opened my life upto you. Your intentions are good and you worry that I’m not fit. I agree, being obese is not healthy and neither is being stick thin. And you don’t want either for me.

To those of you who aren’t, it is none of your goddamn business. Don’t randomly come up to me and tell me of some “ayurvedic medicine” that helped your brother’s wife’s third cousin lose weight.  It’s not okay for you to do that, not on the metro, not on the street, not bloody anywhere. Don’t subject me to your ideal of beauty, don’t chip away at my self esteem like it’s your right to do so because you have eyes.

I’m not a blot or an unsightly mark. I’m a fucking pearl and the world is my oyster.


More to come. Let me know what you think. Oh, and Happy Women’s day! (belated)




  1. alonkii

    Hello there,

    I just want to drop a comment, I know that i’m no one to tell you what to do or whatever, but thank you for being proud of yourself. Yes you have all the rights to be anyone you want. And if the other post i saw wasn’t a joke, please don’t be so depressed x) lol.

    But anyway! Stay healthy and be happy!

    It is Nice to read this post,


  2. Anita

    I can definitely relate to this. My office HR tried to recruit me for a weight loss thingy which I know I wouldn’t enjoy hence hadn’t signed up. They came to me directly to try and force me into it. No one else, just me the fat one was talked to about the benefits of a 15 min exercise thing. Why do people feel entitled to share their weight loss tips with me? It’s annoying. Sometimes I want to tell them, “look I am trying to gain more weight, why would you think I am trying to lose any?”. Okay that was a long rant, sorry. Just trying to say I can relate :p

    • Staircase Wit

      Hahaha, It’s nice that you can relate. It’s annoying when people assume. It’s always good to know that I’m not the only one.
      Sometimes, what they think is “help” can actually come off as mean. I get tired when randos do it. Like your HR did. I suggest you do tell them someday. It would be worth it just to see the look on their faces! 😛

  3. Shreya

    So true..random people commenting on a woman’s weight. And when you refuse something, you’re suddenly on a diet. Freedom of choice indeed extends to food, irrespective of body type.

  4. friendsstartablog


    Not cause you got to fit in the stereotype of being pretty or whatever societal norms make it okay to be, but cause you’re unhealthy and I want you in my life before I hit the sack for good. 🙂
    Love you to the moon and back.

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