As I write this, I’m blinded by the steady stream of tears escaping from my eyes and falling unceremoniously onto my bed sheet. The fact that I have been incapable of discovering the reason for their initiation astounds me.
Gingerly, I pick up my phone, do what every female on this planet does whilst in this situation and call a friend. By  doing so I succumb to a trait tauntingly  attributed to females and since I am not usually for all this sappy emotional crap, this act delivers the second surprise of the night.

Disconnected, no, not the call but I feel so. The phone, on the other hand keeps ringing.



  1. Luna

    I used to get that, not so much now since I’m on the right medication. The best thing I’ve found, was to do something physical. Do a work out, clean the house, I don’t know if its the distraction from it, or what, but it’s helped me a lot.

    • Staircase Wit

      I haven’t really gone down the medication path. Yet.
      But I’ve learned that life goes on, no matter what. You do reach that point of time where you can look back on all of this and laugh(or cry). I guess sometimes the destination matters whereas the journey lays forgotten,

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